Tales from Soch


I wish all you people a happy and exciting new year :)
I wanted my first post of the year to be a little different from the usual stuff, the desire to look beautiful is not only fulfilled by western outfits, so here I am wearing this ethnic yet trendy fish cut kurti from soch.
It is Available in so many different colours and different patterns designed with absolute perfection but this pastel version of the vibrant orange colour caught my eye.
The fish cut top is made in the shape of a fish with cloth hanging on both the sides giving it a unique and attractive appearance
The fish cut not only highlights the feminine elegance but also adds to the profile of the top.
This outfit can be paired with matching leggings or jeggings (my choice being a comfortable pair of off white leggings) a dupatta or stole can also be added to embrace the overall look of this attire and make it even more appealing.
Carry this whole look with a bling clutch and accessories to give it more perfection.

fish cut kurti - Soch, heels - Westside, watch - Guess, leggings - Soch

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