Plaid Play


Plaid shirts are my all time favourite and honestly I don't mind wearing them all year round, it is time for plaid shirts and some bright hues.Shirts have always played a huge part in my life, my entire wardrobe revolves around them.The thing about shirts is that you can style them in million ways, also depending upon the look you want to achieve you can select the fit. A bright shirt is a summer basic and is always in trend.Red and Blue being my favourite summer colours i picked up this bright coloured plaid shirt from Veromoda and decided to experiment with it and finally I realized that this shirt can work wonders, it can actually give you more than six to seven looks,You can also go for scruffy looks.The fabric of this shirt is made out of 100% cotton.

Here are three looks for you on how you can style a plaid shirt or any other shirt of your choice.For the first look I started off with a basic ripped jean from Veromoda, the street style types.Since they are the most comfortable ones to wear and talking about jeans, Veromoda has the best of them, you definitely have to check their collection.You can always slip into a pair of jean and a shirt when you are really not in a mood to think about your attire.According to your style you can either tuck in like I did or just leave it to show off the contours of the shirt.The second look is ‘wear it like a girl’ types, I paired it up with a short skater skirt to turn it a bit classy and yes, black is the colour! You can also try it with dark shades of blue but not with light colours, And finally the third look I wanted something out of the box so I paired it up with a round neck chemise, this one looks feminine and cute.For shoes and bags throw on something with which you are really comfortable and you are all set.Next time you pick up a shirt make sure you try all the three styles, also experiment more on them and make the most of it.

Plaid shirt - Veromoda, Jean - Veromoda, Glasses - ALDO, Skirt - ginger, Chemise - Splash, Shoes - Zara, Watch - Fossil.

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