The comfy way with Hydes studio


My days are filled with errands and it is really difficult to keep up with all that is coming my way. On the other side I’m really content that things are actually falling into place and the outcome is amazing, at the end of the day I'm moving forward with whatever i am doing. The number of things that I need to carry keeps increasing everyday with increase in my necessities and requirements. Initially I never used to carry big bags instead I opt for smaller ones because of weight constraints, also the fact that I haven’t actually found the kind of bag I wanted.

I've never been a big fan of big bags until i got my hands on these extremely comfortable bags from Hydes studio. The moment i touched them i could feel the level of comfort and the softness of the leather. I love comfort, well who doesn't? I carried the bag all day and to my surprise i wasn't feeling any weight on my shoulder, it felt so light. Hydes studio was started a year back and they deal with all kinds of bags right from tote,sling,bucket bags,wallets and lot more. You should definitely check out their laptop bags, they are oh-so wow. All their bags are made out of pure leather and they are very classic. The optimal part about Hydes studio is that they customise the colours according to the customers needs. These three are my favourite picks from their collection, first is a tan tote bag which is of the perfect size to fit all my stuff and it is super comfortable. It goes with all the clothes in my wardrobe making things easier for me because i really am that kind of a girl who is always uncertain about what bag i am going to carry everyday. The second one is a charcoal coloured wallet, of course I'm in love with the colour, it feels so soft and has the right number of compartments. The last one is a sling bag and the colour had to be red. All their bags are something that you can use on a daily basis so do check out their collection, i have linked the page below. 

Top - Veromoda, Jeans - 109F, Shoes - Zara, All three bags - Hydes Studio

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