Nails 365 from YLG


Recently i got an opportunity to try out YLG's nails 365 as soon as their launch. The new range of nail colours from YLG are upgraded with a twist. They are named nails 365 because YLG has decided to release 7 different colours every week giving us one color everyday,which is why exactly i have started changing my nail colour every single day. The YLG's nails 365 come in three different categories. First one is full on solid colours for people who like to keep it simple, second set consists of glitter colours for the ones who love bling and the last would be the fusion glitter ones. These nail paints can be used creatively in many different ways. Apart from the various nail colours,they have also launched few other products to add a feather to their cap. They have come up with a peel off base coat which you have got to apply before using a glitter nail paint and whenever you want to remove it you can just peel it off and its all gone. I am sure every girl knows the pain of removing a glitter nail polish. The other product is their magic nail polish remover bottle which comes with a sponge inside. just dip your finger inside, give it a twist and the nail paint is gone in a second, as simple as that! They have also included nail polish remover bottles which has almond oil to strengthen the nails and also it doesn't smell like the usual nail polish removers,this one smells divine!
if you are someone who loves nail paints then get yourself a treat from YLG and let your creativity out. I'm warning you this collection will make you go crazy.

Nail paints from YLG SALON

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