All about the hair


This blog post is going to be all about the hair

I have always considered myself lucky to be blessed with nice hair and i also make sure i take best care of it. I truly believe that hair oil is the secret for any beautiful hair. i have also made it a habit to apply oil and leave for at least an hour before i shampoo my hair. As much i love applying oil to my hair i also like to experiment with different types of hair oil and this time i decided to try the new Banjaras Samvridhi hair care range
I applied the hair oil and massaged gently into my scalp and left it for two hours and washed my hair. I have to say that i was really impressed, my hair felt healthy and smooth. Now coming to the hair pack, i applied the pack on my scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes. It was so easy to wash it and the best part is you don't have to shampoo your hair later because the pack itself cleanses your hair clean.

I would definitely recommend this Samvridhi range to everyone who wants healthy and long hair. It is affordable and easy to use and smells divine :) 
You can buy the product here

Now below are the answers to few questions that you people have been asking about my hair

- Which salon do you go to, which cut is your hair?

I usually don’t stick to one particular salon, it’s just random but the last few salons where I cut my hair are YLG salon Chennai, Bounce lounge and Cut it out, Santhome.
My hair has a layer cut right now, its only been two weeks since I cut it but then i waited for two years to cut my hair because I really wanted to grow my hair long and I only used to trim the dry/split ends once in every two to three months.

- What shampoo and conditioner, serum do you use? Suggest something for dandruff

I like to experiment with shampoos and conditioners, I pick up whatever is new in the market so there isn’t just one. Ever since I coloured my hair I have been using L’oreal colour protection shampoo and conditioner and I am pretty much liking it. I have been using the L’oreal Xtenso serum care serum and it has been helping me a lot in controlling the frizz and making my hair soft
As for dandruff I would suggest the scalp shampoo, I really don’t have any dandruff problems at the moment but if I had one then it would be my go to shampoo

- How do you maintain the thickness and solution for split ends/hair fall

Any Coconut/almond/hair oil is the answer for everything. Honestly, I have been telling this to each and everyone who asks this question. I make sure to apply oil once in every week and give it a gentle massage. Applying oil not only makes your hair grow it also helps in retaining the thickness and makes your hair shiny. I swear by it
I would suggest cutting the split ends alone every month to get rid of them once in for all. That’s what I used to do when I had splint ends problem, now its all gone. And the best solution for hair fall is the Banjaras Samvridhi hair care range


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