Obsessing over Woodgeek notebooks


Ever since I was a kid I had been an ardent fan of stationery. My love for stationery is just never ending and I have had this habit of collecting all the cute stationery products which don't seem to stop. Also, I am sure most of you girls are just as insane as I am. I think I am attracted to the cute colors, prints, textures and shapes that they come in. I just cannot resist buying them.
Talking about stationery, Recently, I happened to come across this brand called The Wood Geek store on Instagram. They make beautiful wooden note books and pens. The best part is you can get a custom image or quote engraved on the notebook. They also engrave images of people on it.
Being a coffee lover that I am, I got myself a notebook which said: "Drink Coffee Do Good" and a pen which has my blog name Highonstyl written on it. I absolutely loved the finishing and the way the notebook looked. The notebook also had a pen holder on the side.

They don't only make wooden notebooks and pens but also wooden frames for glasses, Phone cases, and super cute bow ties. If you are a stationery maniac just like I am then you should definitely order their notebooks because you just cannot resist once you have a look at them. They will also make the perfect gift if you want to gift something unique to your friend.
Now, what are you waiting for? Head on to their website right away.

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