In Collaboration with The Promenade, Pondicherry


Pondicherry - The first few things that come to mind when someone says Pondicherry is the beautiful buildings and the streets of the city. And THE BEACH!
I always wished I stayed right near the Pondicherry beach because I can never get over the gorgeous sea. Luckily, I was invited by The Promenade recently to experience the property. Staying in one of the most coveted properties in the city, I was more than excited to explore the Promenade hotel.

Day 1 - We checked-in to the hotel at around 1:30 pm, and we headed straight to lunch (DUH!!!!). Our lunch started off with some yummy soup and everything cheese. The lunch was just perfect. The Chef made sure that he made us his best dishes.
Right after, the lunch we headed to our room and guess what? We got the beach facing room and I cannot tell you how much I wanted to stay there forever. Going to bed and waking up right by the beach is just the best feeling ever. And this is why exactly I would stay at The Promenade every time I visit Pondicherry. We also sat at the sit-out right out the hotel facing the beach and had some yummy hot chocolate. (IT WAS THE BEST).
After a while, we got dressed and headed to The Storytellers bar in The Promenade (one of the most happening bars in the city).
We started off with some quick bites and had a few mocktails and danced to the AMAZING BOLLYWOOD SONGS. Lucky us, we made it to the bar on the Bollywood night. (Oh, how I love Bollywood songs). And that’s how our day 1 at The Promenade ended.

Day 2 - Favourite part of the trip (Waking up to the beach view). Once we had enough view of the sea from our room, we headed down to have breakfast. Breakfast was a huge spread of south Indian, north Indian and some continental delicacies. We literally had breakfast for 2 hours and we made sure we tasted everything that was there. After breakfast, we went for a spa and yes it was the most relaxing thing ever! Especially after all the dancing, we did the previous night, the spa was just the best.
We had our lunch at Le Dupleix, (MY MOST FAVOURITE PLACE IN PONDICHERRY) every time I come to pondy, I make sure I dine at least once at Le Dupleix. Absolutely love everything about this place. Also, they were so sweet that hosted a preview of the Hidesign New Roaring collection.
We took a quick trip to the beach as it was our last day at pondy and then headed over to our room to take a quick nap. We woke up at around 7, got dressed to went to Bay Of buddha, a restaurant in The promenade that serves the best Asian food in the city.
Had some yummy Thai/Chinese food and we ended the day with some mango dessert. (how I wish every day ended like this). Attaching the hotel links below, just in case you guys want to check it out :)

The Promenade 

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