Summer with culottes


Summer is back! Change in season calls for a change in our wardrobe so I thought I'll start my summer clothing with culottes. In case you are wondering what culottes mean, they are knee-length trousers or can also be defined as cropped pants, they are cut to resemble a skirt.Culottes come in different heights they can either be knee-length or midi length making it really comfortable to wear and they are universal, They also look fancy.As I've already mentioned I live in a city where it is hot all the time I wanted something that was just perfect to wear during the summer Wondering which length culottes to go with, I ended up getting the midi length ones. I completely love them, not just the fact that they are trendy but they can also be styled in many ways. I've always been feisty when it comes to styling so I was really excited about this one. I did quite a bit of research on where to get the right ones and finally I landed in Koovs. They undoubtedly have the best culottes of different prints and different lengths. I personally feel comfortable with pants having pockets so I chose this one which is just what I wanted, the fit,fabric and texture everything was perfect. Starting with the first look, I opted for a pair of crop top and a white jacket which is simple and chic. You can also sport this look for work. Keeping my outfit simple with white and black I used one of my favorite bracelet from Zahana. You can also amp the look by carrying it with shoes or slip on’s.  For the second look I went with a top from Veromoda which is a blended color of dark shades. This is more like a casual look which you can wear anywhere and for shoes I went with grey pumps to keep the shades subtle. You can also slip in to a crop top, a shirt or you can play around with floral prints to give a feminine look, or even wear them with a basic tee to make it look simple. Culottes can be a perfect summer essential.You don't have to worry about styling a culottes because it enhances any look and you can create multiple looks with these.look 1 : culottes,top - Koovs, bag - Jabong, Shoes - Westside look 2 : grey pumps - ginger, top - Veromoda

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