Styling an over sized shirt


All of us have that one shirt with us which is extremely loose and we girls love wearing the loose types because it's the most comfortable.Wardrobe staples are increasing day by day which now includes an oversize / boyfriend shirt.If you don’t have an oversize shirt by now then you must definitely raid your beau’s closet for one or get one for yourself.
There are so many ways to style an over sized shirt but here i am with my three favorite looks

The first one is a chic look with the shirt tied up as a knot in the front, since my shirt is a light weight denim I paired it with a short white skirt
You can also pair it up a shorts or however you like
Make it look fancier and fashionable by adding jewelry to it just like how I used this green statement piece from Zahana which actually goes with all the three looks.

"Embrace the oversize" Shirts look the best when they are left loose say with a jean or any other pant,I paired it up with a legging to make it feel light and also leaving the shirt loose will make you look thinner especially when paired with tight fitted pants.
This look is casual and you could make this your everyday look.

My last look is a formal wear which can also be paired in a lot of other ways,I went with a pencil skirt with the shirt tucked in, you could also work it out with a maxi skirt or a formal pant depending on your shirt,Wear a belt to make your outfit look classier.
There are so many other ways to style the shirt , you can use it as a jacket, if it is a white shirt glam it up with a sequin skirt for a night look or also use as a shirt dress if it is really long and slip into a pair of shoes or boots to complete the look,You can create a number of looks by getting creative with it.

Shirt - Flying machine, white skirt - Closet label, legging - Love Lock, Pencil skirt - Jabong

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