Sell again, Buy again, Love again! ft. Onceagainstore


Sell again, Buy again, Love again!
Makes so much sense doesn’t it? 
Introducing to you, a website that gives you a chance to revamp your closet.
Revamping a closet has never been easy, with all the crazy irresistible new trends in our city we definitely need to change our closet very often
Once again store is a website that has been launched with a belief that clothes banished to the back of your wardrobes deserve a new home.

Frankly speaking all of us have plenty of branded clothes which either don't fit us or we’ve probably changed our minds after purchasing them. I'm not really sure how many of you are waiting to sell your clothes to someone who actually need them but I totally am.

Well, gives us a wonderful opportunity to sell our clothes online and also you can buy your favourite brands for reasonable prices, now how cool is that!
I've put The whole process of selling in a video below, do have a look at it to get a gist of the whole idea behind it. and now comes the best part, once your product is live on the website and it is sold they take care of the packing material, labels and shipping to delivery, payments and returns leaving us with nothing much to do other than uploading a picture of what we want to sell.
Well before you go out there and sell your clothes there is a point to noted, only branded apparel can be sold or bought[the list of brands accepted are listed down in the site]

Follow the process in the video to sell your clothes,you're just one step away from turning your clothes into money.
Also check out their facebook and instagram page, they are having a giveaway contest now ! Head on to their page to win exciting gifts

Facebook - once again

Instagram - once again store

Guide to listing your clothes for sale on Once Again

Now you can purchase this Veromoda top on the website :)

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