Co-ordinates to the rescue


According to me the best part of a day is dressing up, being a girl I enjoy dressing up more than anything else. Each day is an opportunity to bring out new styles and ideas that have been running in my head. I intend on creating different styles each day. I usually plan on my outfits way too early but few days i’m just too lazy to decide upon the clothes I’m going to wear so I just pick whatever that is lying on the top of my wardrobe. But there comes a problem with matching the prints. The best way to solve this problem is to go with co-ordinates. Just as much as I enjoy mixing prints I enjoy wearing co-ords. I believe that the beauty of a dress lies in the prints and the way we style them.

Speaking about co-ordinates first on my list is the Inch store, their designs have a sense of serene sophistication and I completely love the prints on their outfits. I chose this sleeveless crop top and palazzo pant set, both the top and the pant fit me perfectly.I adore the way how the pants fall in shape and the cut detailing of the crop top at my waist line is something i found to be very attractive. I found the outfit to be very versatile and easy to wear. For accessories I kept it very simple just the way how I like it, I used these double trouble earrings from flaunt and fun. I completed my look with brogues and a sling bag. I splurged on this beautiful bag from Veromoda and have been using it everyday since then. Summer is here all long and this outfit will make a perfect summer look. This look is my easy take on summer fashion, this could also be your relaxed brunch outfit.

co-ordinate set - Inch Store, ear rings - flaunt and fun, bag - Veromoda, shoes -
photography - Dwarakesh KJ photography

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