Dreamy Silhouettes


I can never get enough of clothes and I was in hunt for a maxi with dreamy prints on it for a long time. Long flowy silhouettes are all over the place, I can never refuse a maxi because they are super relaxed. Maxis top my list of must haves for the season; you can pull it off for any occasion, they come in infinite prints and colors. Maxis are elegant like no other, there is something about it that just appeals to me. Usually prints do the tricks they can make heads turn so make sure you get the perfect print. If you think you are short for a maxi dress, don’t worry! The safest way to pick a maxi is to go for a high waistline and pair them up with heels. 

While going through the Missa More website recently i came across this maxi in Aztec prints and since then I wanted to get my hands on them so I got one for myself. I just love the mix of black with the color blue in this one and the fabric is oh-so-wow! I thought the best way to pair this maxi is to wear it with a light denim sleeveless jacket, you can also pair this up with a full sleeve jacket and a belt to make it look dressy. Pairing can be tricky so make sure you go with the right color tones. Since the maxi is of the color blue and black I opted for my heels from Zara which are also of the color blue and black. For accessories I couldn’t have done it in a better way, this winged collar button from Flaunt and fun speaks for itself, it is just perfect for the attire. You've got to check out their Instagram page I've linked their page in the description below. I got these super cute earrings from zahana a month back and I absolutely love them. I put on my favorite lip color and that's how i finished my look.
Get your hands on the perfect maxi dress and you are all set to carry your maxi in style

Maxi - Missa More clothing, jacket - jabong, collar cuff - flauntandfun, ear ring - Zahana, shoes - Zara
Photography - Dwarakesh KJ photography

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