To satisfy my summer needs I was in hunt of a shirt dress few months back, I drool over them mainly because of how versatile they are and also I have been an ardent lover of shirt dresses ever since they came out. A Shirt dress is basically it’s a longer version of a shirt, button-down usually, slightly over sized, long/short, that looks like a shirt but acts like a dress. I finally found a perfect over sized button down shirt from Veromoda. I've been falling for them all the while and this one is no exception. Starting with a basic like the T-shirt dress gives you endless ways to achieve different looks. It’s literally easy and breezy and can be acceptable for work or a busy day. I have to admit this wardrobe piece is one of my all-time favorites and adding staples to the wardrobe are addictive. 

This dress is a perfect casual chic glam dress for any occasion. You can wear it clinged at the waist with a belt if you want,either with thick or thin belts or you can leave it un-belted for a more sophisticated effortless vibe of the whole look. I feel that there’s something so feminine about wearing an over sized button down shirtI paired it with the my white wedges for the perfect look. You can dress it up with gold heels to create a night ensemble.

Dress - Veromoda, Shoes - Steve Madden

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  1. Looking good girl :) I love shirt dresses. I recently bought one as well.


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