Vivid colours


There is always something colorful and happy amidst the mess that we are living in and that is what keeps us going. Likewise, there is something or the other coming up around the whole concept of fashion which makes me going. There are no rules when it comes to style, we tend to create styles everyday and there it is! Something new everyday!

Like most of you I’m an ardent black lover however the color black never failed to impress me all through the years. Nothing gets me like wearing black on black. Sometimes, I mean very rarely black doesn’t work without colors, and that’s when I start to bring the whole concept of colors into my wardrobe. Speaking of which here I am showcasing one of the looks. I paired this cape with a black camisole and a black pant. I wanted everything black to highlight the beauty of the cape. This cape from Palanquine is alluring and also the fabric is so light that I dint even feel a thing when I was wearing it. There is something so fresh about wearing something that has so many colors in it. This cape could be paired in so many ways and can be dressed up or dressed down. Pairing this with a short dress to create that bold and edgy look would be my take on it.

Cape - palanquine

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