This year is expected to be super busy for me. I have big things lined up and I cannot wait for those things to actually happen. As a girl that I am I happen to decide on even the smallest detail that’s related to me. Sometimes things go with the flow they happen just so perfect and sometimes it’s just a reflex action. We take decisions everyday. We happen to decide what outfit we want to wear for what occasion, the shoes, bags etc. Deciding on what bag to throw on and what shoes to wear can be as challenging as deciding what dress to wear. When it comes to me I usually pick the entire outfit along with the bag and shoes the day before I wear it just to avoid the panic at that moment. 

Now let’s talk about the brand that has made my work easier. This happened when Prachi introduced me to her brand Tasche which deals with all kinds of bags. Every bag is unique and speaks for its own which makes them ideal for everyday use. Now for the shoot I had to pick this casual grey bag which can be used as a sling or a brief. I chose this color to compliment my outfit so that I can go with that vibe for a moment. My second pick is a golden sling which evidently is my personal favourite. It is full of glitz. The bag you carry reflects your style and it does make an impression. The brand is packed with the trendiest bags at most affordable prices. They have basic to glamorous bags which you will love at the very moment. Without any delay head on to their page for some gorgeous bags.

bags - Tasche

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