There are few things that we never get tired of, they always just stay as a part of our lives. It can be a person, a thing or anything of that sort. Well, just like that when it comes to attires I have few pieces in my closet which have been there for like 4 to 5 years and I still use them because of some element that I love in it. One such thing is the color white, i can never ever get tired of it. White represents elegance and who wouldn’t like to have that elegant element to their attire.

Coming to my outfit, this white maxi is a paradigm of purity and gracefulness. I got this maxi picked and made to order to my size by Saloni the founder of The Blush Box herself. The maxi is very simple yet so alluring, it makes me want to use it more often. It has a layering detail in the front area and the maxi is just beautiful the way it is. I love how sophisticated it looks. It could make a great outfit for any occasion because white is classic and the trend never fades. I used Red on my lips to compliment the white color and wore floral wedges to complete the look. You could play a bit more by pairing this up with a jacket.The brand has also impressed me with their vast collection of accessories, phone cases and bags. They are glamorous and chic. I absolutely love their collection and I’m sure you will do too. Without any delay Check out their collection because they are one of a kind. 

Outfit & phone case - The Blush Box

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