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Change is something that cannot be ignored. Right now, my life is going through a lot of changes and 2017 has been a year of changes right from the beginning and i wonder what all are yet to come my way. Well, i believe life changes for good so I have learned to accept things with the flow and move ahead.
Now, talking about changes how about choosing eco-friendly fabric over the normal fabric?
Yes! Recently I came across this brand called Rossbelle, they use eco-friendly and sustainable fabric to manufacture their products. Rossbelle was started in 2016 by two friends Tasneem and Adveta. Their motto is "recycle and reuse". Just as impressed as I was I wanted to get my hands on them and style their products.

Here i am styling three looks from their collection. For the first look, I chose this intense blue shaded dress. This dress caught me at the first sight. I wanted to keep my look very simple so I put on a pair of white heels to complement my dress and carried a blue bag which is also from Rossbelle to complete the look. Their bags range is something that you definitely need to look out for.

The best part about Rossbelle is their fabric and prints. I am a sucker for cute prints and i had to choose this printed denim kind of fabric shirt dress for my second look. This can be either worn as a dress or you can always pair it up with a legging or skinny jeans. I chose a bag which is again from Rossbelle to pair with my dress and white shoes. So, that is how I completed my look.
The last one is a printed maxi dress. It is the perfect attire for summer. The fabric is flowy and feels very soft on the skin. It is extremely comfortable to go for an entire day. I paired the dress with a black shrug bacause i rarely wear sleeveless so if you are a person who is not comfortable wearing sleeveless you can layer the dress with a jacket or an overcoat of your choice

I absolutely love their collection and you guys make sure to check out their page because you cannot miss those cute prints and their collection is fab. 

Check out their collection here 
Facebook - Rossbelle
Instagram - Rossbelle


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