The new Whisper ultra


Being a girl has its own downside, we have to go through those five days every month. I am not complaining but there are a lot of other things which come along with it.
Whisper has always been my go to sanitary pad ever since and I am glad that they have come up with an improved version of their product.

The new Whisper ultra is 2x softer and it feels soft on the skin and makes you feel more comfortable. It has special and magical pores that lock the liquid so you can go one whole day without worrying about anything. It has Odour lock which locks the period odour. Also, the new Whisper is longer and has a wider back making it easier for us during the nights. The material is gentle on the skin leaving our skin rash free.
I highly recommend all you girls out there to try and use the product
Own those five days with the new whisper ultra.

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