My Girls ft Maalgaadi


Being a girl who believes in the saying "Happy girls are the prettiest" I make sure that I spend quality time with my girls. Being with my favorite girls changes my mood like no other. Nothing like a gorgeous dress, a cup of coffee and some giggles with my favorite people.

It has been quite some time from when I met these two beautiful girls, Rutika and Subhiksha. Both of them are amazing bloggers and I completely admire and adore them for who they are. Just when the whole blogging thing got a little serious we started meeting each other at events and things like that. Little did we know what we would become inseparable. I cannot go a week without seeing these pretty faces. All three of us being fashion bloggers, dressing up makes us happy like nothing else. Every time we go on a girls day out we plan on what we are going to wear and how we can style them etc. Okay, these things really matter to us :P

This post is about just one of those days. This time we had decided to color co-ordinate and it had to be subtle tones of peach. All of our dresses are from Maalgaadi, a multi-designer store located in Besant nagar, Chennai. They have the most amazing dresses in the city and the collection is truly amazing. I decided to wear this asymmetrical umbrella cut midi dress while Subhi wore a sleeveless, slit maxi and Ruti, a simple yet classy elbow sleeved midi dress. All three of us decided to keep it simple as complete the look with white shoes as those are the most comfortable ones. 

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