In collaboration with Diva


Choosing the right dress for a wedding or any function is not very easy especially when you are looking for perfection. Living in Chennai comes with its own perks. Well, the amazing brands that this city has is crazy! And we are still in the process of unfolding the best.
The process of choosing the right attire can be very tedious when you don't find the one you are looking for. I have been through the hardship of finding the right dress my entire life but luckily, years back I came across this store called Diva.  

I have known Diva since forever. Every season they come up with the best of designs. Be it a bride or a bridesmaid or anyone, Diva has that right dress for every occasion. Here I am sporting three of my favorite looks from Diva.
For the first look, I chose this very elegant blue dress. The first thing anyone would notice about this dress would be the color. That royal blue color is everything. I absolutely loved the intricate detailing in the neck part. The gold embroidery added that elegant and trendy vibe to it. This dress is perfect for a cocktail party. 

For the second look, I wanted to wear something super colorful. So I chose this multi-colored lehenga which is my most favorite in this series. It was love at first sight! The mix and match of the colors were a clear hit. Anything colorful excites me especially when it comes to Indian wear.  I love how the fabric felt against my skin. This lehenga is versatile and can be worn with so much ease. It is perfect for a destination/beach side wedding function. 

Now, coming to the last look I chose this super grand gold skirt and cape combo. This dress is a bomb. Every single detail was made to perfection. I was instantly drawn towards this dress because it looked absolutely gorgeous. This dress will make this perfect reception attire. It is a mix of elegance and chic. I completed the look with smokey eyes and curls.

If you are a bride to be/someone who is attending a wedding and want to look your best, now you know where to head :) Also they have a huge sale happening right now so it cannot get any better

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