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Okay, I have finally found the time to write a blog that has been pending for a long time now.
To all of you who have been asking me about my hair care, hair regime, etc.
Honestly, I am not a person who uses a lot of products to my hair.

I make sure I only use the ones that are necessary to protect my hair from all the pollution and
keep it natural and strong. My haircare routine is almost the same as most of you guys. The usual oil, shampoo, conditioner, and serum!

Oil - Being a south Indian girl that I am, I have always been forced to apply oil to my hair most of the days. I used to hate it when I was a kid. However, it was only after a few years that I realized, applying oil has its perks, and it was just because of that I was able to have voluminous hair.
I know that a lot of you don’t like applying oil and are totally against it.
But, honestly, if you want to have healthy and thick hair, OIL is the only way to it.
I mostly use almond oil. You can use whatever oil you are comfortable with, but I usually stick to almond oil. I apply it and leave it for one hour before I shampoo my hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner - My hair has been colored for seven years now and to be frank, everything about my hair has changed ever since.
I started having hair fall, I lost the shine I used to have, and my hair has become extremely dry.
I know we all want to get our hair colored, look nice and all that but if you are someone who is
skeptical about getting your hair colored, then I wouldn’t suggest you get it colored.
But then, if you still want to, you can go ahead and get it done, but you need to give that extra care to your hair.
Ever since I colored my hair, I only use L'oreal color protection shampoo and conditioner.
It was only a few years back that I realized the market products don’t work the best for your hair.
Then, I switched to L’oreal professional. The below two products are the ones I have been using, and they work wonders for colored hair.
It might be a little on the higher side, but then you cannot compromise on hair care.

Serum - I have mentioned about the L’oreal Xtensive serum on my Instagram before. I have been using for it more than two years, and I swear by it. It controls hair frizz like no other. Serum might not be a necessity, but if you have frizzy hair just like mine, you need it to calm down your hair.
You can also use Argan oil as a serum. Any argan oil should do!

This is not a sponsored post, so all the products that I have mentioned have been used by me and work the best for my hair.

Few simple tips and tricks which I have been following to take care of my hair

  • Don’t comb your hair often. Brushing your hair regularly, especially in wet hair leads to hair fall. 
  • Don’t let your hair free when you are traveling in a two-wheeler, auto, etc. 
  • All the pollution is only going to damage your hair. When I am outdoors, my hair is always in a bun 
  • Make sure you oil your hair at least once or twice a month if you can’t do it weekly once 
  • Try to not use a hair dryer (and other heat tools as well) as much as possible. I always towel dry or let it loose like that 
  • Always use a conditioner and an after-shampoo serum 
  • Hair spa once in a while is still a good idea to rejuvenate your hair. 
  • If you feel that getting a hair spa can be expensive then I suggest you just buy a hair spa cream and just massage it over your scalp and hair once in a month. This is the one that I’m using currently 
Below are the answers to all the questions you guys asked

Which is the best Shampoo for hair fall?

These are few of my picks.

How to get Strong, healthy, thick and long hair?
Like I have always mentioned, the one and the only way to Strong, healthy and thick hair is OIL.

I’ve have been styling my hair with the same hairstyle for many years, and it has to lead to
hair fall in the front part of my hair alone. 

I have had the same problem, still, have it. So, what I have started doing is, during the nights I take a different partition (the opposite side of my usual styling). Trust me, this helps! Make sure you do it every day before you sleep.

Now, why I’m suggesting you do it during the nights is that we all are used to styling our the same way, and it is challenging for us, girls to keep changing them.

Is it true that the hair fall increases after coloring hair? And is it not advisable to color hair when one has a bit more hair fall? Does hair coloring leads to hair fall and dryness???
Of course, Yes! Hair fall and dryness increase when you color your hair. It is advisable not to color your hair if you already have hair fall.

What is the best shampoo? I have a straight hair and healthy, but the volume isn’t enough!
How to TC of my hair! Just the regular way to protect not expensive ones pls

I always believe in L’oreal products. If you are not looking at expensive ones, then use the market products which only cost around Rs 100-200.
If you are ready to invest in your hair, then go for the L’oreal professional products.

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