Evoke your eco-consciousness with PepperFry


How many of you know that it is World Environment day today? Well, most of us don’t, and just
like you I also didn’t until Pepperfry, India’s leading Furniture, and Home products marketplace
offered me an opportunity to attend their Origami Workshop.

As a tribute to celebrate World Environment Day, they organized an Origami Workshop as an initiative to make the world greener than ever.
For people who don’t have an idea about what Origami is, it is an art of folding paper. I’ve always
been elated to learning a new art, and this sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to learn Origami.
It was conducted by Roopika Jayaram, a beautiful lady who established HandsOnPaper as a
movement to bring the joy of Origami for everyday use. Roopika uses Story-telling, Mathematical Arts, Visualisation Puzzles, and Design Basics to build on several elements of Origami.

I walked into the Pepperfry Studio at KNK road, Nungambakkam to behold mesmerizing origami installations & models. I was astonished by the fantastic work by the artist, and I couldn’t just take my eyes off them. There were miniatures made out of restaurant pamphlets and newspaper.

I sat there dumbfounded by how amazing Roopika was with her art. She taught us to make a leaf and a chair with paper. Initially, it looked a bit difficult; however, it only took us 2-3 practices to master someday and make an impact on our lives. All those are art fanatics like me, you will definitely enjoy learning Origami and I think you all should :)

At that moment, I wanted to nothing else but badly wanted to learn and master the art of Origami.
There was a workshop by Roopika on DIY eco-conscious gifting and origami for individuals from all
age groups.

I absolutely enjoyed the entire session, and I know for a fact that this small initiative is going to be huge. Also, happy news! They will be displaying the artwork all through the week so you can drop by any time and witness the best of Origami. Thank you PepperFry for this amazing opportunity.

Below are a few of the pictures of the beautiful Origami and other images from the event :)

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