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The one that always brings a smile to our faces and keeps us on our toes is Weddings! And this time, it is my sister’s wedding, and I cannot be happier. As an elder sister, I have a set of responsibilities and to be frank I am not a person who will deal with things very well(not kidding). For a person like me who doesn’t take up responsibilities well, completing one task correctly itself is a big deal. 

However, with all my downsides, on the one hand, I decided to put myself out there and help my sister with the wedding cards. Selecting the content, the design is pretty much something I would love to do. So, I decided to take only one responsibility and give my best to it. 
Chennai city is filled with stores that cater to weddings. People from other states and cities travel here to shop for things for a wedding. We are lucky that way because everything we need is right here!

I started my work by naming down a few of the best places for wedding cards in the city. I did filter them down to three stores, but the one that caught my eye was Lotus Wedding Cards. 
Lotus Wedding cards specializes in designers cards for wedding and other events as well. It was only after visiting their store I found out that they offer a lot more than just wedding cards. 

Their store is filled with gorgeous designer gift boxes and beautiful wedding cards. And by gift boxes I mean Product boxes, Saree & Vetti Boxes, Sweet Boxes, and Chocolate Boxes. Every box is designed to perfection with patterns and colors that are sure to attract your eyes. They also have a wide range of wedding return gifts that you can select from and customize according to your requirements. You can customize the return gift box with things like bath salts, paintings, lip scrubs, and a lot more. These kinds of boxes make the perfect invite for bridesmaids or special guests. 

No south Indian wedding is complete without return gift bags. We take a lot of efforts in selecting the bags, and the things that go into it. Lotus wedding cards also has a fantastic collection of return gift bags like saree bags, thamboolam bags, and sapling bags. 

Awestruck by all the pretty things inside the store I sat down to pick up the invite for my sister’s wedding. After a lot of time, I selected five cards because everything there is so pretty that you can’t choose one. And then after one hour of thinking, I picked the perfect one. 
Okay, so before I go ahead and talk about the card that I selected, every card that they have can be customized. Right from the motif to the number of pages, the colors, and everything. AMAZING, right? 

Now, the card that I selected is a booklet kind of a thing inside a folder. The best part of the invite is that you can reuse the folder later for your personal use as well. (YAY!) 
I also selected a huge gift box to keep the invite inside because I wanted the invite to look exquisite. 
Wedding cards, return gifts, designer bags, name anything and Lotus Wedding Store has them all. 
I’m mentioning all their details right here so that even you guys can design the perfect invites for your special day. 

Instagram - Lotus Wedding Store

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