My experience with Tattva Spa, Raintree


Work has been hectic, and I literally have got time to breathe. It feels like I’m getting old already with no time to spend for myself. Taking care of my body has always been my priority and no matter how busy my schedule is I make sure I at least take some time off to concentrate on my body. By which I mean go for a body spa or oil massage and relax for a bit.

Being a girl who loves to try to different places in the city, I recently was invited by Tattva Spa, Raintree to experience their salon services. I was thrilled because it was my first time there and also, trying out spa services in different places always excites me. 

I walked into a gorgeous, luxurious salon, Tattva Spa, Raintree and I was spellbound by the ambiance. The place had positive vibes which felt good. They have a gym and swimming pool just next to the Spa, now how cool is that. I checked out their salon area which was just the perfect place because it had a fantastic view of the city. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to experience their Salon services. However, I’m definitely going back there to get a haircut done. 

They also have in-house body and hair products that smell and feel amazing. The best part is that you can select the oil range as well for the spa. I chose the Vishram blend oil which is for relaxation and energy. I was super confused which Spa to opt for because they had a wide range of options. Finally, after a lot of confusion, I chose for the signature Tattva Therapy. 

The Tattva therapy includes yoga stretches with massage, and it is both dry and oil massage which I absolutely loved. Overall, the entire spa session was very relaxing (much needed for me at that time) and also energizing. The massage was so good that I slept off during the end of the session. And, the spa session ended with a hot cup of detox tea. 

I have tried out almost all the spa places in the city, but if you are looking at the best and luxurious spa session, then Tattva Spa is the place for you. Do visit the place and let me know what you loved the best about Tattva :)

Also, adding their website link here

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