Finding the perfect jewelry! In collaboration with Bluestone


From a girl who never used to wear jewelry to the one who is continuously looking for new places to shop jewelry. That’s precisely how we girls evolve! Okay, at least that’s the case for me.

I’m a huge fan of minimalistic pieces of jewelry. The beauty of wearing minimal dainty pieces is that you can choose to flaunt them with both Indian and western wear. And, it is not easy to find the right jewelry, especially when you are looking at versatile pieces. Every time I search for the right jewelry, I either don’t like the design or I’m not very satisfied with the cuts.

To my surprise, one of the most coveted jewelry brands BlueStone opened their door at VR mall, Chennai. And, I was super excited to check out their collection as this is their first ever store in the city. I had only checked their jewelry on their website, and looking at them for real is an entirely different experience.

I loved how every piece of jewelry is one of its kind and made to perfection. And, in one corner I found my type of jewelry. The ones that are delicate, gorgeous and can be worn with everything. The neutral ones! I have always believed that these tiny pieces are the ones that make a bold statement.

BlueStone has a curated collection for dainty Jewelry the best part is that you can wear them with any kind of clothing. Most of them are a mix of metal and gemstones in different shapes. These pieces are sure to stand out when you wear them with basic clothing.

Also, the finger rings. Oh! I instantly fell in love with their range of rings. How we say diamonds are girls best friends, you are sure to find the perfect diamond for you there at the BlueStone store.
They also have a wide range of solitaires. Solitaire rings, pendants and earrings, you can find them all. And bluestone also lets you make your own solitaire. Amazing right?

It doesn’t stop there; there were really beautiful bracelets and bangles that caught my attention. I loved their range of floral bracelets. However, they had some really stunning diamond bracelets.
And I can keep writing on and on about the collection. So, I am just going to save the rest of the information and let you guys visit the store and experience the entire range.

Drop in at the BlueStone store, and you will find everything that you need to own the perfect set of jewelry.

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