The Clutch Collection By Kirtilals


Don’t we all love wearing contemporary jewelry? Contemporary jewelry is the thing right now. With all the weddings and functions coming up every single day, my interest in jewelry is also inclining.

The best thing about a wedding would be the togetherness and the time spent with friends and family members. Most of the times, we travel to different cities to attend weddings and functions because my friends and families are spread across the country.
Traveling is super fun and all that but the only difficulty would be the fact that I need to carry all my jewelry safe up and down.

Most of my jewelry is delicate and I don’t like stuffing everything in a single box. And the travel requirements only let me carry limited baggage. This is one thing that is such a bummer when it comes to traveling for weddings.

Just when I was wondering how to handle the whole baggage situation, I came across this amazing new collection by Kirtilals. The Clutch collection by Kirtilals is nothing like the others.

The Clutch collection is specially curated for people who travel often. What a life savior right?
All the pieces from The Clutch collection can be transformed into a small piece of jewelry and can be stored in a tiny box which you can easily carry while you travel.
Even a hip chain can be transformed that way. Stunning right?
I was awestruck with the mechanism and the gorgeous pieces that Kirtilals has to offer.
If you are a jewelry enthusiast I suggest you drop at The Kirtilals Store to witness the best of jewelry.
I have put together a few of my favorite looks from the collection
Hope you enjoy the video :)

Visit their website to know more about their collection

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