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Lingerie plays the most important part of a girl's life. As much as it gets too much to handle at times, we also love flaunting them in different shapes, patterns and a lot more.

With so many new types of bras evolving, my interest in exploring them has also increased over the years. It was recently that I was invited by the Wacoal team to join their "Bra fit event" at the Wacoal store in Express Avenue. I was super excited to attend the event because I have never attended any lingerie workshops ever and this one seemed quite interesting.

I walked into a store filled with gorgeous lingerie and I literally wanted them all! (not kidding)
One of their bra experts Yeshwanthi walked me through the entire collection and oh god I can't tell you how much I didn't know about bras earlier.

Wacoal is known for its fit and every bra by the brand is made with so much perfection and the fit is just wow. I also learned that the brand has researched on over 8000 women bodies to explore the different body type and fit. I have never seen any other brand take this kind of efforts to work on the right fit and I was so impressed.
A few girls joined me at the event and we had a super interactive session with the Bra expert Yashwanthi. She taught us everything that we didn't know about finding the right bra fit

Here are a few tips that I learned, tips on how to go about finding the right fit for your body
  • Always make sure your band size is smaller and cup size is bigger ( ex: 34C means 34 is the band size and C is the cup size)
  • To check the strap length put your 2 fingers under the strap. The space between the strap and your skin should be enough to let in 2 fingers. (shouldn't have more or lesser space than that)
  • Make sure you bra hook strap sits horizontally on your back
  • Always wear wired bras to prevent your breasts from sagging in the future
This and we learned so much more. Just after that, we got ourselves measured and the Wacoal team helped us find the right fit. Okay, I have to admit that I have been using the wrong bra size all my life. But I am so glad that I attended this workshop and got it sorted. I feel so confident now and definitely happier with my bra fit now.

I recommend each and everyone to drop by at the Wacoal store to get yourselves measured and get the right fit.

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