In collaboration with Usha International for The India Quilt Festival 2019


Most of you guys who have been following me right from the time I started blogging would be knowing that I studied in NIFT (I also know that I haven't shared much of that part of my life with you all) While I was at NIFT there was one subject that I absolutely enjoyed and it was Garment Stitching. Even though the whole process of making a garment right from the design is a challenging process, I always loved the stitching part of it.

A few days back I was invited by the Usha team to attend the India Quilt Festival 2019. There were a lot of events and workshops happening at the Quilt Festival, and I attended one of their Quilt workshop named Traveler's Tales Told in Little Landscapes which was conducted by Pat Archibald

We were about 20 people attending the workshop, and each of us was given separate machines to work on. We worked on the Usha Dream Maker 120 and hands down it is the most comfortable machine to work on.
Especially for people like me who love to stitch but are not really confident about doing it right. There are so many amazing features about the machine, but the one that has my heart is that in this machine you don’t even have to feed the thread into the needle. It can be AUTOMATICALLY done! Oh yes! My life is now sorted.

Okay, so coming back to the workshop. We started by listening to Pat Archibald’s journey with quilts. Every quilt piece of hers has a story to tell! I was mind blown by her work; it is so inspiring that I have decided to make more quilts once I learn the art of making them.

We started by tracing a beautiful image on the fabric, and we created layers onto it using nets and finished it off with crouching using a nice glittery crouch thread. We also learned the art of foiling. Oh! It was just amazing. Pat also taught us the different types of foiling. I’m definitely trying all of them!

Overall, I had a fantastic time learning the art of quilting from the best, Pat Archibald at The India Quilt Festival. And a huge thanks to Usha for making the entire experience the best.
Also, you can check out the machine here if you are looking at getting one

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