Perfect Solution for Chicken Biryani cravings - Biryaneez Noodles


Being a Chennai ponnu, I have always had that special love for Biriyani, especially chicken Biryani. No! I was never a big fan of mutton or prawn. It's always been chicken biryani!!
I am an ardent lover of Chicken Biryani & I could have it at any time of the day. Even for breakfast?
Oh yes, breakfast too! ;)

Being born & brought up in Chennai, we believe that biriyani love is true love ;)
(chennaites would totally understand)

Like I mentioned, amongst all the flavors that a biryani comes in, my favorite has always been chicken biryani. I still remember how I used to torture my mom to make Chicken biryani every single day.
Trust me, every single day I would pester her !! Given the lengthy procedure that goes into making a chicken biriyani, it was impossible for her to prepare Chicken Biryani every day. I would literally push her, and she would make it at least twice in a week. So persistent right?

That kid who has Chicken Biryani cravings at the weirdest times of the day still exists inside me.
I cannot describe in words, how much I crave for Chicken biryani every single day. Sigh!
So many times the word “chicken Biryani” in this post and I am already craving for it :P

I was a little sad about having to rely on someone or a restaurant every time I wanted to have

Chicken Biryani because, well, I don’t know how to make one. For someone who is as lazy as me,

I have never taken the efforts to learn to make a Chicken Biriyani. Isn’t it frustrating when you crave something, and you can’t have it because you don’t know how to prepare it? All my life it has been that way!

Anyway, it is time to put an end to all our sad stories because hear up people, especially all the Chicken

Biryani lovers out there. I have the perfect instant Biryani fix for us.
It was just a few days back that I stumbled upon this product called Biryaneez, Biryani Noodles.
Well, it is not a biryani, but it is biryani flavored noodles.
Now, I know most of you might really wonder what this biryani noodle is and what does it have to do with satisfying Biryani cravings.

Initially, even I was a little skeptical about how a Biryani flavored noodles would satisfy my biriyani cravings. However, turns out that this is the best fusion of chicken biriyani and noodles and the easiest way to satisfy my Chicken Biryani cravings.

This is way easier than making a Chicken Biryani, also cost effective and gives you the exact taste

as a Chicken Biryani. Excited already? Chicken Biryani in instant noodles is a match made in heaven and what else do we need in our lives?
The chicken biryani flavor is perfectly blended with the spices, and it feels like I am actually eating chicken biriyani. Trust me; I am not kidding this Biryaneez biryani noodles tastes like heaven.

It is, and you don’t even have to take any efforts except for boiling some water and mixing the ingredients.
As simple as that! We all know how to make instant noodles, and this is precisely the same.

Ever since I have been introduced to this chicken biryani flavored instant noodles,
I have been eating it like crazy. It can be made for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and also for dinner. Perfect for any time of the day and any occasion.

I am super thrilled about the fact that I don’t have to trouble my mom through the long process of making Chicken biryani. Now, with Biryaneez Biryani noodle it is not going to take more than 5 minutes to make the yummiest noodles which have the exact Biryani flavor.

This Biryani Noodles flavoring is a mix of 14 spices and it couldn’t be more perfect.
It has the authentic chicken biryani taste. The best part about it is that it is not sticky and just delicious.

The next time you want to satisfy your chicken biryani cravings, you need 5 minutes to make one
and there you are, Chicken Biryani cravings wholeheartedly satisfied.
Finally, I got my hands on my instant Biryani fix from Big Basket & cannot be happier as some of my friends mentioned its running out of stock. I would suggest you order yours today before it runs out of stock. Thank you Inbisco for introducing the most amazing product and making lives of biryani lovers even simpler.

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