4 steps to Fabulous hair with Himalaya


After writing one blog on hair already and now this feels like slowly I am becoming a hair expert. Okay, JK! This blog is going to be all about the Himalaya new hair care range.

Recently, we had an opportunity to attend the Himalaya event to experience the 4 steps to fabulous hair. Himalaya’s new range of hair products says that you just need to follow 4 steps to achieve fabulous hair. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Well, it not only does sound easy but is actually simple.

We walked into a salon filled with Himalaya products and some spa sessions. Okay so coming back to the four steps, this is how the entire spa session went on.

It started off with some really relaxing oil massage with the Himalaya Anti-hair fall Hair oil. I have always spoken about how important applying oil is to your hair. It may seem like it is an option but it isn’t. It is mandatory to apply oil to your hair every now and then to have shiny and healthy hair.

Once the oil massage got over, we had 10 mins of steam and it was relaxing than ever. But of course, when you follow this at home you can skip the steaming part.

And as usual, after the steam, comes the second step, the shampoo.

We had our hair shampooed with the Himalaya Anti-hair fall Shampoo which consisted of bhringaraja and butea frondosa. Right after the shampoo, comes the conditioner, you know the drill.

Most of us fail to apply the conditioner the right way and the right way to do is to first drain out as much as water from your hair once you rinse off your shampoo. Then, take just a small amount on your fingertips and apply it to your hair, not the scalp, just the hair and leave it just for a few seconds. And then you rinse the conditioner off thoroughly. The new Himalaya anti-hair fall conditioner was used on our hair and this one is said to reduce excess hair fall and it is recommended for soft and smooth hair. I have only used it twice so far and looks like it actually works. But then, you need to use for at least 3 months to know if it works for your hair.

And the final step is the Hair cream. This is a step new to me, I’m a serum person and I was initially skeptical about the hair cream part. However, turns out that, the hair cream actually controls the frizz and makes my hair feel soft. Just apply a small amount of cream on the strands of your damp hair and there you go! Four easy steps to Fabulous Hair.

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